Athlete Seedings & Swim Time Start Posting


Click here (Posted 8/10/17) for seedings / approximate swim start times* / pool assignments / BIB # Listing. 

(Please note no further adjustments can be made after the 8/9/17 @ 6:30 P.M. deadline - all seedings will be based on information inputted by the registrants)


* approximate swim start times are estimated times only and are based on all athletes showing up on race day. Times will be adjusted with no advance warning on race day due to "no shows" and therefore one's time will most likely start earlier than posted. It is highly recommended for athletes to be on site for the pre-race announcements and prior to race start. It is the athletes responsibility to be ready to start the race at their designated pool start locations regardless of the approximate swim start times posted. Athletes that fail to start the race in consecutive order (BIB #'s) will be reschedued to the end of the swimmers line.